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Netzo 0.2 Release Notes

Netzo 0.2 Release Notes

Fri Oct 14 2022

Miguel Romero Karam Miguel Romero Karam

Netzo is a code-first integration platform that empowers developers to integrate APIs, code automations and build internal tools faster.

Today we are releasing Netzo 0.2. This is one of a series of beta releases that will be made over the coming months. Each release adds additional features and bug fixes. These beta releases will culminate in the general availability announcement of Netzo 1.0.


  • add dropdown option 'select from marketplace' to create buttons (67a52bd)
  • marketplace: adds 'cannot find item' placeholder (7e8fa59)
  • marketplace: adds schema field in item.json to prompt for placeholder variable values when forking (eb6c84f)
  • projects: adds several examples for http frameworks (aabbbba)
  • projects: allows saving changes to request to the project (d17bd80)

Bug Fixes

  • adds all tabs to all uses of request-editor-tabs component (a9c22df)
  • items: ensures _type and type is set and valid when forking (a37ff0d)
  • services: fixes reactivity of url and body for requests (954be96)
  • services: formfield-authorization syncing duplicate headers on each key press (e9b508c)
  • ui: reset pagination when filtering by labels (df54481)
  • ui: sorts alphabetically by default (5839a38)
  • ui: updates to github-markdown stylesheet to apply on dark mode (7967205)
  • projects: adds examples in drawer (a76902a)
  • projects: updates hooks to handle cloning/forking workspace items (b547d13)
  • workspaces: adds app-table-toolbar which was removed by mistake (57e90d8)

What's Next

Future releases will include greater stability, performance improvements and many more pre-built solutions in the Marketplace.

If you have any feedback, please join our Discord or open an issue.

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