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Unlock the Power of IoT Interoperability

Unlock the Power of IoT Interoperability

Fri Dec 03 2021

Arturo Romero Karam Arturo Romero Karam

Netzo is a code-first integration platform that empowers developers to integrate APIs, code automations and build internal tools faster.

A Disconnected Ecosystem

In relation to our previous post on The Unexploited Potential of IoT, the Internet of Things ecosystem has seen steady growth over the past years. However, this growth has come at the cost of hundreds of siloed solutions with costly, time-consuming and unmaintainable integrations to one another.

The lack of interoperability between IoT systems has led to more of an intranet , rather than an internet of things. Despite the ever-growing number of IoT solutions, IoT adopters have a hard time exploiting their collective potential. Siloed solutions end-up hampering the technology's potential and slowing down the ROI. This has in many cases led to an increased skepticism in the true value that the IoT provides.

Netzo Unifies the IoT

Netzo enables the seamless integration of new and existing IoT devices, platforms or services across any industry. With Netzo, IoT adopters are able to streamline value generation and capture the true potential of their investments.

Netzo plugs into your underlying IoT stack, consolidating and re-exposing your assets to any software, application or service over a single access point and with fine-grained access control.

Through standardized data and control at the software layer, IoT value generation increases as development complexity decreases, enabling a greater pool of developers to tap into IoT systems and exploit the full value of IoT data across the web and through state-of-the-art web technologies.

In summary, Netzo brings the ability to:

  • Integrate IoT assets in a single place
  • Future-proof IoT systems via open standards
  • Accelerate IoT development through low-code

Why Netzo?

Data and Control via Universal Model

An open web standard enables connecting any hardware device despite the underlying technologies it uses. Standardization enables streamlining data and control into a single place. This results in data re-utilization across IoT systems (interoperability) and enables the development of flexible solutions through a central management and value generation interface.

Abstract IoT Complexity

Interoperability through a unified web standard enables a simplified, more human friendly manner of interacting with internet-enabled services and devices. This enables a larger pool of software developers, namely web developers, to build IoT applications that interact with real-world devices through the web technologies they already know. In this way, Netzo abstracts the low-level complexity of the IoT, letting IoT platforms do what they already do well, and giving end-users an easier way of creating value on top.

Enable IoT Interoperability

End-users gain a cloud platform to unify data and control of their underlying IoT assets. Netzo does not replace your underlying IoT technologies, and focuses instead on enhancing their interoperability, for easier thing management, data and control, automation and analytics. Netzo streamlines data and control to enhance the overall usability, shareability and observability of IoT data across departments and organizations.

Unified Access at the Software Layer

Third-party applications and services, including enterprise-software tools like CRMs, ERPs, Machine Learning (ML) models and simulation services can connect to any IoT device through a single API. Loose-coupling between devices and software provides greater flexibility that future-proofs your IoT efforts for the long run.


As the number of IoT platforms and services begins to consolidate, the demand for connectivity and integration of systems continues on the rise. More than ever, organizations are looking to integrate their underlying systems, modernize their processes and enable remote monitoring of important production or operational parameters.

Furthermore, the cost, effort and maintenance required to build IoT solutions in-house is prohibitive for many businesses. A flexible software solution is required to unify the IoT ecosystem and enable companies to jump-start their digital transformation, while keeping focus on their core business.

We encourage you to check out how Netzo helps organizations gain full control of their underlying IoT stack, optimize their processes, and streamline information to the hands of decision-makers.

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