Command-line interface (CLI) tool to streamline development.

The netzo/cli module is a command line tool to streamline local development of Netzo projects. In essence, the CLI allows developers to create new projects from scratch or from existing templates, develop locally and deploy to Netzo with a single command. You can use the native Deno CLI to run your project locally.


Follow Deno's instructions to install the Deno CLI.

You can install the Netzo CLI by running the following command:

deno install -Arf


Before being able to deploy, you need to get an API key from the Workspace > Settings > API keys page. You can store this token in a NETZO_API_KEY environment variable.

export NETZO_API_KEY=...
Alternatively, you can pass the --api-key flag each time you run a netzo subcommand.


The netzo CLI is a single executable that provides a number of subcommands. To see the full list of subcommands and options, run netzo --help or netzo -h.