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API keys are for machines what usernames+passwords are for users. API keys are used to authenticate with the Netzo API and are scoped to the containing workspace meaning they can only operate on resources belonging to the workspace. They can be temporarily enabled and disabled (revoked) or deleted entirely, simplifying the management of the 3rd party applications and services using them.

To use an API key in your code, you must first add it as an environment variable.

Workspace API keys

Creating API Keys

To create a new API key, click the Create button. A modal will appear where you can enter a name for the API key. The name is only used to identify the API key in the list of API keys and can be changed at any time. Click Create to create the API key.

Revoking API Keys

To temporarily disable (revoke) an API key, flip the switch off. Requests made with a disabled (revoked) API key will be blocked, returning a 401 Unauthorized error. To re-enable an API key, simply flip the switch on again.

Deleting API Keys

To delete an API key, click the Delete button. A modal will appear where you can confirm the deletion of the API key. Deleting an API key means that it can no longer be used to authenticate requests to the Netzo API.