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Netzo concepts


Workspaces are top-level containers that own application resources. They enable and facilitate access control and collaboration across the platform for teams that need to share resources within Netzo.

Upon access, users are granted a personal Workspace, to upgrade to a collaborative Workspace with more resources the user can either upgrade to a paid subscription or be invited to an existing Workspace by its admin. A user can be a member of multiple Workspaces. All resources created and managed within a Workspace are accessible to all the Workspace's members.

Several Workspace plans are available, each with distinct resource limits (invocations, users, etc.). If you are interested in learning more contact us.

Learn more about Workspaces


Services are apps or any HTTP(S) API request. The services module lets you store and manage API credentials and define API requests. You can assign service hooks to add additional functionality at the request level (mapping, filtering, sorting, etc.). That allows you to create custom API endpoints that you can reuse later on. To access your services and custom endpoints you just need our SDK and a single line of code.

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Projects are the new standard for writing HTTP servers in JS/TS. Each Project is deployed to its own unique URL. They run globally at the network edge and are a convenient yet powerful way to automate API interactions directly from your browser. Powered by the Netzo SDK, projects allow anything from simple workflows to complex automations.

Learn more about Projects



The Marketplace lists official and community-developed solutions for specific use-cases. Anything you find here is public and you are free to fork into any or your Workspaces. When you fork Marketplace items, a copy is created so you can go ahead and make changes. Forked items will count towards your Workspace resource limits. Developers are free to contribute their own items to the Marketplace.

Learn more about the Marketplace

Netzo API

Netzo is powered by an HTTP API that provides access to nearly every feature. The Netzo front-end web application is built on top of this API, meaning almost all its data and functionality is available through the API itself.

Learn more about the Netzo API

Netzo SDK

The Netzo SDK is a JavaScript client library to make it easy to interact with APIs programatically. The SDK is written in TypeScript (types included) and can be used for both backend and frontend development. The SDK makes it even easier to interact with existing, pre-configured Services in the Workspace (via theservice client) or with custom ones (via the fetch client).

Learn more about the Netzo SDK

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