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Frequently Asked Questions

Key differences 🔑

How is Netzo different

Netzo bundles the two key areas of development, frontend and backend. Unlike other tools, you'll be able to programatically build visual interfaces and extend the functionality and usability of your API's through modular scripts, therefore adapting to the way your organization requires. Through Netzo you are empowered to connect to any API, process Any data, automate Any process, build Any interface and ultimately maintain full flexibility and control over your integrations.

Is Netzo only for developers?

Netzo is built for web-developers in mind, so knowledge on basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript are essential to truly reap the benefits. However, low-code enhancements across the platform empower non-technicals to easily get a grasp of API querying, data processing and internal tool building. This enables key experts to build side-by-side the tech team.

How can I enhance API adoption?

Let's be honest, how many tools are truly taken advantage of? Netzo increases visibility both on the apps you use and their underlying functionality making it easier to build your digital enterprise step-by-step.

Security 🔐

How does Netzo secure my APIs?

Netzo is secured end-to-end (over SSL) for transport encryption. APIs are authenticated once via their supported auth mechanisms stored only as encrypted values. By reducing the amount of API keys and applying a layer of security on-top for access and control, leaks can be mitigated while centrally managing access and control via roles.

How are Scripts executed?

Scripts run as close as possible to the end user (on the edge), globally and powered by Deno, a robust and secure by default runtime for serverless computing. This means the server (your script) is spawn only upon request and does not store processed information whatsoever. Once deployed, they'll work forever until you update your logic and redeploy.

Is my data secure? Absolutely.

Whether querying your API's or executing serverless scripts, Netzo is secure by default and will never store any sensitive information, unless you need to debug your custom scripts (e.g. Logs). In the contrary only your client computer and your serverless scrips will display or process the data you wish to input.

Can I self-host Netzo?

We currently do not support on-premise deployments, however only the application interface and basic app data is stored by us and delivered to your client computer when you use the service. If you would like to self-host Netzo, please leave us a message.

Technology 👨‍💻

What types of API's are supported?

Netzo currently supports HTTP API's, which make up almost 90% of the world's API's. That said our HTTP client facilitates interaction with REST, GraphQL and RPC standards. If you wish to see support for other types, please leave us a message.

What is Serverless Scripting?

Serverless scripts are programmable logic that is both stateless (does not maintain data) and ephemeral (is used and destroyed). These functions basically take an input and return an output.

How does serverless work?

Serverless scripts are executed on Projects. Projects are the new standard for creating HTTP servers, in other words "nanoservices" for your custom business logic. They are extremely flexible, offer minimal latency and execute only on demand, reducing the cost of infrastructure while helping to make the world greener.

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