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Facturama is a Mexican electronic invoicing API.


import { facturama } from 'netzo/apis/facturama.ts'

const api = facturama({
  username: Deno.env.get('FACTURAMA_USERNAME'),
  password: Deno.env.get('FACTURAMA_PASSWORD')


The facturama factory function expects an object with the following, and returns an object with an API client api.

usernamestringDeno.env.get('FACTURAMA_USERNAME')Facturama username
passwordstringDeno.env.get('FACTURAMA_PASSWORD')Facturama password
Refer to the API documentation to get the required information.


The following examples assume you have created an api client instance.

Get product

Get a product by id.

const resultData = await api.Product[PRODUCT_ID].get<Product>()

Add product

Add a new product.

const data: DataAddProduct = {
  name: 'New Product',
  description: 'Product description',
  price: 100,
  unit: 'service'
const resultData = await<Product>(data)

Update product

Update a product by id.

const data: DataUpdateProduct = { description: 'Updated description' }
await api.Product[PRODUCT_ID].put<void>(data)

Delete product

Delete a product by id.

const resultData = await api.Product[PRODUCT_ID].delete<Product>()