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JSONPlaceholder is a free online REST API that you can use whenever you need some fake data.


import { jsonplaceholder } from 'netzo/apis/jsonplaceholder.ts'

const api = jsonplaceholder()


The jsonplaceholder factory function returns an object with an API client api.

Refer to the API documentation to get the required information.


The following examples assume you have created an api client instance.

Find todos

Find all todos.

const resultData = await api.todos.get<Todo[]>()

Get todo

Get todo by id.

const resultData = await api.todos[TODO_ID].get<Todo>()

Add todo

Add a new todo.

const data: DataAddTodo = {
  userId: 1,
  title: 'New task'
const resultData = await<Todo>(data)

Update todo

Update a todo by id.

const data: Todo = {
  userId: 1,
  title: 'Updated task',
  id: TODO_ID,
  completed: true
const resultData = await api.todos[TODO_ID].put<Todo>(data)

Delete todo

Delete a todo by id.

const resultData = await api.todos[TODO_ID].delete<{}>()