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Microsoft 365 is a product family of productivity software, collaboration and cloud-based services owned by Microsoft.


ts import { microsoft365 } from 'netzo/apis/microsoft365.ts'

const api = microsoft365({ baseURL, clientId: Deno.env.get('MICROSOFT365_CLIENT_ID'), clientSecret: Deno.env.get('MICROSOFT365_CLIENT_SECRET'), accessTokenUrl: Deno.env.get('MICROSOFT365_ACCESS_TOKEN_URL'), scope: ${baseURL}/.default });


The microsoft365 factory function expects an object with the following, and returns an object with an API client api.

baseURLstringDeno.env.get('MICROSOFT365_CLIENT_ID')the base URL to use for authentication
clientIdstringDeno.env.get('MICROSOFT365_CLIENT_ID')the client id to use for authentication
clientSecretstringDeno.env.get('MICROSOFT365_CLIENT_SECRET')the client secret to use for authentication
accessTokenUrlstringDeno.env.get('MICROSOFT365_ACCESS_TOKEN_URL') or ""the access token url to use for authentication (could be tenant-specific)
scopestring${baseURL}/.defaultthe scope to use for authentication
Refer to the API documentation to get the required information.