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Pipedrive is a sales management tool.


import { pipedrive } from 'netzo/apis/pipedrive.ts'

const api = pipedrive({
  apiToken: Deno.env.get('PIPEDRIVE_API_TOKEN'),
  companyDomain: Deno.env.get('PIPEDRIVE_COMPANY_DOMAIN')


The pipedrive factory function expects an object with the following, and returns an object with an API client api.

apiTokenstringDeno.env.get('PIPEDRIVE_API_TOKEN')the API token to use for authentication
companyDomainstringDeno.env.get('PIPEDRIVE_COMPANY_DOMAIN')the company domain to use for authentication
Refer to the API documentation to get the required information.


The following examples assume you have created an api client instance.

Find Deals

Find all deals that match the query.

const query: QueryGetDeals = {}
const result = await<Deals>(query)
const resultData =

Search Deals

Find all deals that match the search criteria.

const query: QuerySearchDeals = { term: 'New Deal' }
const result = await<SearchDealsResult>(query)
const resultData =

Add Deal

Add a new deal.

const data: DataAddDeal = { title: 'New Deal', value: 100 }
const result = await<AddOrUpdateDealResult>(data)
const resultData =

Update deal

Update a deal by id.

const data: DataUpdateDeal = { title: 'Updated Title' }
const result = await[DEAL_ID].put<AddOrUpdateDealResult>(data)
const resultData =

Delete deal

Delete a deal by id.

const result = await[DEAL_ID].delete<DeleteResult>()
const resultData =

Find persons

Find all persons that match the query.

const query: QueryGetPersons = {}
const result = await api.persons.get<Persons>(query)
const resultData =

Search persons

Find all persons that match the search criteria.

const query: QuerySearchPersons = { term: 'Smith' }
const result = await<SearchPersonsResult>(query)
const resultData =

Add person

Add a new person.

const data: DataAddPerson = { name: 'John Doe' }
const result = await<AddOrUpdatePersonResult>(data)
const resultData =

Update person

Update a person by id.

const data: DataUpdatePerson = { email: '[email protected]' }
const result = await api.persons[PERSON_ID].put<AddOrUpdatePersonResult>(data)
const resultData =

Delete person

Delete a person by id.

const result = await api.persons[PERSON_ID].delete<DeleteResult>()
const resultData =