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Getting Started

Netzo is a cloud-based, agile-development platform that helps businesses streamline their custom business software development cycles. Designed for organization-wide productivity and collaboration, it enables developers to code, deploy and share custom business software faster with all teams.

Main Features

  • Powered by Deno: Built on the next generation JavaScript and TypeScript runtime to boost DX.
  • Full Node.js and NPM support: Import Node.js code and packages directly into your projects.
  • Serverless: Instantly deploy your code globally to the edge. No infrastructure to provision or manage.
  • Native TypeScript: Use TypeScript without builds or complex setups. Enjoy auto-completion and type safety.
  • URL imports and enhanced portability: Forget node_modules. Import code directly from versioned URLs without installation.
  • Managed secrets: Keep secrets safe through an extra layer of security and re-use them fast when coding.
  • Code locally via the Netzo CLI: Code in your favorite IDE and deploy to the cloud using netzo/cli with no extra setup or tooling.
  • Built-in toolbox of components and utilities: Import from netzo, a toolbox of components and utilities made to 10x your DX when developing software solutions.
  • We are based in the EU and fully compliant with GDPR. We embrace privacy and security by design.
  • Modules


    The netzo/apis module exports all the API integrations currently supported. Each API integration is a function that returns a typed client for the API.


    The netzo/cli module is a command line tool to streamline local development of projects in Netzo.


    The netzo/components module is a collection of UI components written in Preact (TSX) and built with Radix UI and UnoCSS.


    The netzo/composables module exports a set of composable functions that encapsulate common stateful logic for reuse.


    The netzo/db module exports a set of utility functions to interact with the project's Deno KV datastore in a RESTful or resource-oriented manner.


    The netzo/modules module exports all official Modules o add to your projects a plug-and-play fashion.

    The documentation is organized into the following sections based on the intended outcomes. Feel free to jump directly into the section that best fits your needs.

  • Examples are learning-oriented and ideal to get you started quickly (e.g. how to create projects).
  • Guides are goal-oriented and ideal to help you achieve a specific goal (e.g. how to create a REST API).
  • Platform is understanding-oriented and ideal as an overview of the platform (e.g. overview of the platform).
  • Concepts are information-oriented and ideal to grasp the main concepts (e.g. lists of all platform modules).