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Users ​

Users are members of a Workspace with a user account and a pre-defined role. Roles are how Netzo determines what a user can and cannot do within a Workspace. The following roles are available:

  • admin
  • edit
  • view

You can navigate to the User Settings page to manage your user account.

General ​

Settings general

Displays general account information like

  • user ID,
  • display name

and user preferences like

  • enable/disable dark theme,
  • privacy settings: allow or deny 3rd party tools (e.g. in-app support chat and analytics)

Workspaces ​

Settings workspaces

Lists all Workspaces you belong to and the role you have in the Workspace (e.g. admin, edit, view). If you are not the sole Workspace admin, you can choose to leave a Workspace, loosing access to all its resources.

Delete user ​

Settings delete user

Here you can delete you user account permanently. This will have permanent consequences depending on your role in the Workspace:

  • If you are the sole Workspace admin, the Workspace (including all its contained resources) will be deleted as well.
  • If you are either not the only admin or not an admin at all, you will simply be removed from it, loosing access to all its resources.

Closing your user account is permanent and cannot be undone.

Help ​

Settings help

Additional resources such as helpful links to our website, support channels and documentation.

Settings legal

Links to relevant legal information, including our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.