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Workspaces are top-level containers that own application resources. Workspaces allow access control and collaboration across Netzo. Members can collaborate on shared resources within Netzo. Several Workspace plans are available, each with distinct resource usage limits.

Workspaces overview

Navigating into a Workspace will take you to the Workspace overview page. The Workspace drawer to the left outlines the Workspace modules:

Create a Workspace

Manually creating Workspaces is currently disabled (during beta).

Workspace Plans

The Workspace plan determines the features and usage limits available for the Workspace. See the pricing page for more information.

Close a Workspace

Settings close workspace

You can delete a Workspace permanently under the Close Workspace page in Workspace settings. All resources contained within the Workspace will be deleted and members will be kicked-out automatically as well (without being notified).

Closing a Workspace is permanent and can't be undone.

Workspaces has loaded