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Here you can view and update Workspace settings.


Settings general

Displays general account information like

  • user ID,
  • display name

and workspace preferences like

  • setting a custom avatar image for the Workspace (must provide a valid image URL).


Settings members

Lists all Users in the Workspace along with their roles (e.g. admin, edit, view). If you have sufficient rights, you can add more Users to the workspace or choose to leave it if you are not the sole Workspace admin.

API keys

Settings API keys

Here you can manage, view, and create API keys to authorize requests to the Netzo API. You can temporarily disable (revoke) API keys by flipping the switch off. Requests made with a disabled (revoked) API key will be blocked, returing a 401 Unauthorized error. To re-enable an API key, simply flip the switch on again.

Audit Logs

Settings audit logs

Here you can view all Workspace activity (User interactions) in the form of debug, info, warn and error logs. You can also filter Audit Logs by time window and download results as a JSON file.

Close Workspace

Settings close workspace

Here you can delete the Workspace permanently. All resources contained within the Workspace will be deleted and members will be kicked-out automatically as well (without being notified).

Closing a Workspace is permanent and can't be undone.

Usage and Limits

Settings usage and limits

Coming soon...


Settings help

Additional resources such as helpful links to our website, support channels and documentation.

Settings legal

Links to relevant legal information, including our Terms and Conditions and Platform Privacy Policy.

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