Monitor de términos y privacidad

Optimiza el monitoreo de términos y políticas de privacidad para garantizar el cumplimiento.


Navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape poses a significant challenge for organizations aiming to avoid compliance issues.

With Netzo, you can construct a solution that assists you in seamlessly managing end-to-end compliance of regulations and policies. This involves continuous monitoring of acceptance, collecting audit trails, generating reports, and issuing alerts for non-compliance.


The manual monitoring of user acceptance of terms and privacy policies proves to be both time-consuming and inefficient. Faced with an overwhelming volume of data, organizations find it challenging to ensure compliance with regulations, leaving them vulnerable to substantial fines.

One major drawback of such regulations is their tendency to act as barriers to innovation, making it difficult for organizations to experiment with new ideas and business models.


Craft a unique application that simplifies the compliance process by combining various features:

  • Overview dashboard: Monitor real-time user acceptance for peace of mind.
  • Audit trail collection: Capture detailed audit trails to maintain comprehensive records.
  • Report generator: Automatically generate detailed compliance reports and analytics for informed decision-making.
  • Alerts for non-compliance: Receive instant alerts for instances of non-compliance, enabling swift corrective actions.