Netzo builds on open standards to interconnect IoT assets through Web of Things (WoT) technology. The Netzo WoT Platform enables unified access into multiple IoT devices, platforms and services to unlock their collective value, even across industries and application domains.

Interoperability of IoT assets in a single interface for monitoring and control via the Netzo WoT Platform

W3C Web of Things

Bring your IoT Things together

Standardize IoT devices, platforms, and services with the W3C Web of Things standard. Escape vendor lock-in and ensure your IoT efforts remain flexible for the long run. Gain unified access to your IoT assets independent of their brand or the platforms and technlogies they rely on.

Manage Things from multiple IoT platforms and sources in a single place to enable IoT interoperability and a unified namespace for your IoT assets within the Netzo Web of Things Platform.
Add and provision new IoT assets in seconds through pre-configured integrations in the Netzo Marketplace and cut implementation costs through simple configuration steps with IoT interoperability in mind.

Thing Models and Thing Importers

Provision new assets in seconds

Browse Thing Models and Thing Importers in the Netzo marketplace or create your own to bulk-provision IoT assets in seconds. Complete a step by step setup and watch your IoT assets go live in seconds. Getting started with IoT had never been this easy.

Data Access and Control

A secure URL for each Thing

Eliminate costly, time-cosuming and unmantainable integrations between multiple services via the Netzo WoT API. Manage access with fine-grained control and integrate your business tools via a single and secure point of access.

Manage external access to all of your underling IoT assets or 'Things' via Netzo's in-app API endpoint control and enable connections to other applications through a single entry point.
Easily manage Things and Thing configuration files via Netzo's in-app W3C Thing Description editor which enables technicals and non-technicals alike to reconfigure their IoT assets.

WoT Thing Description

A Web of Things for everyone, not just developers

The low-code Thing Description (TD) Editor empowers even non-technical users to create and customize each Thing as they see fit. Develop TDs in a full-blown low-code IDE enviornment with auto-completion to learn as you go. Empower decision-makers to directly build the solutions they need, when and where they need them.

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