Manage access and collaboration across your IoT ecosystem from a single place. Enhance data shareability and usability with internal or external collaborators. Enable smarter supply chains or publish metrics to enhance transparency in your organization.

Manage access and collaboration across the IoT ecosystem and for your IoT infrastructure from a single place to enhance data usability and shareability with Netzo.

Secure Access Control

Unified and secure authentication to all your Things

Enhance your operations with real-time data and control without compromising security. Share access to your IoT data as easy as you share web links. Maintain control over sensitive information, but share the insight!

Unify and secure IoT asset authentication from a single place to enable IoT interoperability and to enhance usability and shareability of IoT data and control in a single interface with Netzo.
Share IoT asset and system data across the globe with users, partners and collaborators to enable smarter supply chains and faster reaction times to global events, all while maintaining fine-grained control over your IoT assets.

Global Sharing

Share insight with partners and collaborators

Share key trends, metrics and insight with internal and external partners in a controlled fashion. Harvest the entire value of your IoT assets and increase transparency. Gain full observability and collaborate with others for smarter supply chains.

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