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Who is Netzo for?

Developer teams

Netzo helps web developers to deliver creative solutions 10x faster to their teams through simple scripting without infrastructure management. It saves time, provides full control, and enables flexibility when building business-critical interfaces and automated processes.

  • Build frontends with code, minus the hassle: Easily create tailor-made SSR interfaces, personalized solutions, and worry less about design and infrastructure. Supports Preact, JSX, and more.
  • Ship production-grade backends, in one click: Build custom API instances for workflows, utility functions, webhook listeners, or any backend service with ease.
  • Monitor usage and execution: Gain insights through out-of-the-box project monitoring, custom logging, and request metrics.
  • Connect anything with an API: Discover pre-built integrations or connect to any HTTP API, database, datalake, device, or service.
  • Bring your own libraries and frameworks: Code in your preferred way and import favorite SDKs, libraries, and components directly from npm URLs.
  • SMBs and Startups

    Netzo helps agile SMBs and startups scale their operations with custom business software and workflow automation without breaking the bank. SMB's can now tap into the power of full-scale development teams that were previously inaccessible, bringing unparalleled potential for growth and innovation.

  • Build a digital back-office: Scale and streamline digital initiatives to take control of the digital journey.
  • Take action with data: Integrate diverse data sources, break down silos, and make data-driven decisions with tailored analytics dashboards.
  • Automate critical processes: Save time and reduce errors by implementing end-to-end workflow automations.
  • Replace standalone niche tools: Replace costly microservices and applications with powerful, adaptable scripts.
  • Improve collaboration: Manage access and collaboration by creating groups and sharing tools with teams and stakeholders.
  • Enterprises

    Netzo helps modern enterprises improve operational efficiency with tailored software solutions with complete adaptability to established processes. Large enterprises require custom business software but often struggle with agility and flexibility.

  • Streamline back-office operations: Use custom business software to drive business outcomes efficiently.
  • Multi-department and multi-location support: Benefit from Netzo's multi-tenant features, allowing you to manage and support multiple departments or locations within your organization efficiently.
  • Speed, flexibility, and scalability: Enjoy the advantages of building from scratch combined with the speed and agility of no-code/low-code platforms.
  • Security, compliance, and support: Ensure robust security, compliance with EU data protection regulations, and dedicated support.
  • Future-proof your investment: Seamlessly adapt software solutions as business needs evolve over time.
  • Embrace EU-based Software: Enhance resilience with EU-based software, reducing dependencies on non-EU providers.