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Flexible Pricing that Scales with You

Contact us to get you started with a plan that suits your needs.

Users are members of a Workspace with a user account and a pre-defined role. The amount of users that can be part of a workspace is limited by the workspace's plan.
Included Users
Users included in your workspace subscription plan.
User limits
Maximum number of Workspace users in the subscription tier.
Workspace Resources
Projects are web applications. Each project contains its own deployments, databases, logs, and more.
Requests are HTTP requests made to invoke any of a Project's deployments.
Included storage capacity for all Projects in a Workspace.
Data throughput
Amount of data passed through all your Projects in a given month.
Notification retention
Retention period for (Inbox) notifications.
Project log retention
Retention period for Project logs.
Modules & Features
App launcher
Securely share custom business apps in one-click.
Trigger custom notifications to a User's Inbox in a single line of code.
Code preview and auditing to ensure code quality and security.
Command line interface to streamline local development.
Real-time logging of deployed Project usage and errors.
Testing and debugging tool for Project requests and responses.
Built-in key value store scoped to your Project and from a single line of code.
API integrations
Easily integrate any APIs with minimal setup and authentication wrangling
Run your projects on a schedule using CRON jobs.
Kickstart custom implementations in seconds with our growing library of templates.
Versioned Deployments
Rollback Deployments
Revert to a previous deployment version in a single click.
Wildcard subdomains
Wildcard * subdomains for all your Projects.
Custom domains
Use your own custom domains for all your Projects.
Region selection
Choose deployment regions for databases and projects.
CPU time per request
CPU time is how many seconds the CPU was busy, not wall clock time.
Source control
Version control your code with Git, the way you already do.
Workspace API keys
API keys scoped to all your Workspace resources.
Project API keys
API keys scoped to individual Projects.
Audit logs
Logs on user activity and Workspace changes.
SAML and single-sign on (SSO)
Use your existing identity provider to manage access to Netzo.
Community support
Via our Discord community server.
Email support
Standard support hours
Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00 (GMT+2).
Extended support hours
Saturdays from 12:00 to 18:00 (GMT+2).
Roadmap prioritization
Get early access and help us shape new features.
Dedicated account manager
Gain access to a dedicated account manager and Netzo engineering support.
Dedicated channel
Gain access to a dedicated channel for support and feedback via Discord.
Professional services
We help you build and ship custom apps, onboard and train teams, define your technical strategy, and implement best practices across your organization.
DPA (Data Processing Agreement) between both Parties.
Invoice billing
Pay via invoice instead of credit card.
Custom SLA
Contact us for additional user pricing.

50k per month
Contact us for additional request pricing.

Contact us for additional storage pricing.

1 GB per month
Contact us for additional data throughput pricing.

30 days
30 days
Up to 50ms
30 days
365 days
365 days
365 days


What is a workspace?
Workspaces are top-level containers that own application resources. A workspace is a private environment where you can create and deploy your projects. Each workspace has a workspace plan, and is billed accordingly.
What is a user (internal)?
Are members of a Workspace with a Netzo user account and a pre-defined role. The amount of users that can be part of a workspace is limited by the workspace's plan.
What is a user (external)?
Are end users of a Project (usually with an user interface). If you wish to know more about this feature, please get in touch.
What is a project?
Are serverless applications deployed to Web URLs. A project contains all the code, data, and configuration files required to deploy and run your application. Additionally, all Deployments, Databases, Requests and Logs are associated to a project.
What is a deployment?
Are the result of a successful "build" of a Project and its deployment to a Web URL. A Deployment is a running instance of your app. You can create as many deployments as you need.