Terms and privacy monitor

Streamline monitoring to ensure compliance with regulations.


With the ever-changing regulatory landscape, avoiding compliance issues is a challenge for organizations.

With Netzo, you can build a solution that helops you manage end to end compliance of regulations and policies by continously monitoring acceptance, collecting audit trails, generating reports, and generating alerts for non-compliance.


Manually monitoring user acceptance of terms and privacy policies is time-consuming and inefficient. Overwhelmed by the volume of data, organizations struggle to ensure compliance with regulations, exposing themselves to hefty fines.

One of the main drawback of a such regulations is that they act as a barrier to innovation by making it difficult for organizations to experiment with new ideas and business models.


Mix and match a myriad of features to build a unique application that makes compliance a breeze.

  • Overview dashboard: Monitor user acceptance real-time and sleep better at night.
  • Audit trail collection: Capture audit trails to maintain a detailed records.
  • Report generator: Automatically generate detailed compliance reports and analytics for informed decision-making.
  • Alerts for non-compliance: Receive instant alerts for non-compliance instances, allowing corrective actions.