why netzo

We unify the IoT so you don't have to

Create and manage WoT dashboards and applications for any use case. Orchestrate standalone WoT devices and IoT assets from a single source. Build with Netzo to unlock IoT interoperability. Secure development efforts through open web standards, without ever managing infrastructure.

Without Netzo

Hundreds of IoT platforms to work with
Necessary know-how is scarce and highly specialized
Non-compatible data models and communication protocols
Development efforts and IoT solutions are scattered

With Netzo

Single collaborative platform that brings every IoT asset together
Lower entry-barrier via common web technologies
Single WoT API for underlying IoT devices, platforms and services
Minimal development overhead, more power, replicable deployments

W3C WoT Thing Description

Built on open web standards to ensure interoperability

Forget complex data models, communication protocols and disconnected API's. The WoT Thing Description (TD) is an open web standard to easily describe internet-connected devices or assets. From simple IoT sensors to complex industrial robots, the Thing Description unifies anyThing in a single, shareable JSON format, solving the interoperability problem of the IoT.

An example snippet of a W3C Thing Description for a UR5 cobot enables to easily interact with on-field robots through a web browser, thus enabling more developers to turn into real-device control and monitoring applications.
Netzo packages powerful Web of Things developer tools that enable developers to build IoT applications in the browser with common web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VUE, React, TypeScript and more, without knowledge of underlying communication and hardware protocols.

Web Development

WoT toolbox for developers

Escape the low-level complexity and build powerful applications with common web technlogies. Develop directly in a low-code browser environment or toggle-on the code view for greater flexiblity. Embed WoT widgets across the web and manage them all from Netzo.


A single API for the Web of Things

Integrate from a growing list of supported communication protocols and develop third-party integrations through a single WoT API that brings the IoT together. Eliminate repetitive development efforts, complex data models or communication protocols to focus on the IoT value generation that really matters.

A single web standard HTTP API for the underlying IoT infrastructure enables simple communication to underlying communication protocols like MQTT, WS/WSS, CoAP/CoAPS, HTTP/HTTPS, OPC-UA, NETCONF, and MODBUS and enables more developers to interact with real devices on the field.
Plugins enable developers to extend the functionality of Netzo and use Netzo infrastructure to communicate with their IoT infrastructure in a simple but powerful development environment.


Extensibile via open-source plugins for even more flexibility

Extend Netzo functionality with an ever-growing list of open-source plugins. Browse thing models (TM), thing importers (TI), widgets and more. Keep your developments private or publish them to the marketplace. Share development efforts and join the Netzo open-source WoT community.

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