why netzo

We unify the IoT so you don't have to

Augment green or brown-field equipment with digital capabilities without having to code it yourself. Lean on Netzo as your software backbone to build custom user interfaces for your products and use-cases. Adapt to the booming service economy and transform your business with a Product-as-a-Service offering.

Without Netzo

Slow development and high costs for proprietary applications
Missing know-how for propietary app development
Hardware-only business offering
Missing exposure and a unified marketplace

With Netzo

Easy in-app solution development for non-technicals
Intuitive low-code development without having to manage servers
Augmented hardware offering with digital capabilites
High exposure through a unified marketplace of compatible hardware

Product Augmentation

Digital capabilities for your products

Extend traditional devices with internet-connected sensors, actuators, and equipment. Create interactive dashboards for monitoring and control. Step into the service economy with ease and without having to code an application form scratch or manage expensive servers.

An electric motor equipped with low cost IoT sensors and actuators enables monitoring and control through Netzo dashboards across any device and any location by simple scanning of a QR code on-site or via URLs.
The Netzo Marketplace features pre-configured IoT hardware devices of all brands and types, applications and other plugins for fast provisioning and plug-and-play integrations to easily expand your existing IoT infrastructure.

Thing Models

Gain product exposure in the Netzo Marketplace

Gain exposure by publishing your hardware in the Netzo Marketplace. Join a growing list of out-of-the-box, compatible WoT devices and empower users to provision them in seconds within Netzo. Cut-down the time and effort your users need to provision your devices.


Enter the service economy with an on-demand business model

Equip your devices with internet-enabled sensors and actuators to create new revenue opportunities in the expanding service economy. Secure recurring revenue through product servitization and modernize your business through a Products-as-a-Service model.

An industrial water pump equipped with low cost IoT sensors and actuators and controlled via Netzo dashboards and panels enables the monitoring and control capabilities necessary to offer a product-as-a-service business model.
Netzo gives original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the power to focus on IoT hardware, outsource the software and enhance the compatibility of their products with other smart devices, without managing servers or costly infrastructure.

Software as a Service

Focus on your hardware

Focus on your hardware and outsource the software backend to Netzo to fully embrace the Industry 4.0 revolution. Embrace WoT open standards to future-proof your products and offer your customers another compeling reason to buy them.

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