why netzo

We unify the IoT so you don't have to

Connect your Things for monitoring, control, automation and analytics. Orchestrate new and existing IoT devices, platforms and services from a single platform for flexibility and scalability. Integrate as you go and capture the full value of your IoT investments.

Without Netzo

Device incompatibility across IoT assets and domains
Many single and proprietary interfaces for each IoT solution
None or limited integrations to essential business apps
Scattered development efforts result in high costs and slow ROI

With Netzo

Integrate new and existing IoT solutions as you go
One single interface for monitoring, control and automation
A single access point for your underlying IoT
Plugins repository for low-cost and replicable solutions


Monitor, Control, Automate

Integrate any use case you might have into a single platform. Monitor, control and automate devices uniformly from your browser. Unify your systems to gain full observability of your underlying IoT assets. Escape vendor lock-in with a "bring your own device" approach.

Netzo bringing multiple IoT solutions, including asset tracking, fleet management, water, energy, and environmental monitoring, CCTV and other systems, together to capture the collective potential of IoT interoperability.
Easily build dashboards and control panels through drag-and-drop functionality and enable true interoperability between multiple IoT devices, vendors and platforms.


Unified monitoring and control in multi-thing dashboards

Enhance IoT data useability and shareability with dashboards to get more done in less time. Boost productivity with immediate insights for decision-makers. Simply drag-and-drop the thing attributes that you need, when and where you need them and discover unprecedented insight.

Any Use Case

A flexible platform that fits any use case you might have

Bring new and existing IoT solutions together and ensure they stay together in the future. Make your systems interoperable to drastically reduce implementation and mainteneance efforts, maximize functionality and allow you to integrate as you grow.

Integrate IoT devices, platforms and services as you go with the Netzo WoT Platforn and streamline data and control to a single interface.
Netzo makes IoT data available to essential business applications, including ERPs, CRMs, Digital Twin, Simulation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Applications through a single standardized API.


IoT data made available to essential business applications

Take your business to the next level and deliver IoT data to your business tools, such as your ERP or CRM. Integrate once via the Netzo API and eliminate the need for costly, time-consuming and unmaintainable integrations in the short and long run.

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