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Netzo Web Platform

Dashboards and
Automations for APIs

Consolidate hardware and software in a single platform to unlock its collective potential. Embrace open standards, gain flexibility and future-proof your developments.

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All-In-One Orchestration Solution


Integrate any public or private API under the unified Client

Internet of Things

Integrate IoT devices for device and system interoperability

Web Development

Low-code development via a single interface for everything

Business Intelligence

Deliver mission critical metrics and trends to all stakeholders

All-In-One Orchestration Solution


Future-Proof Your Developments

Best Practices

Stay up-to-date with latest standards and best practices

Productivity Boost

Automate repetitive tasks and focus on innovation


Rid yourself from technological debt and outdated technology

Agile Development

Smarter development cycles to cut cost, time and effort

Future-Proof Your Developments


Augment New or Existing Infrastructure

Any Software

Integrated private and public Web APIs for any automation

Any Hardware

Centrally managed Web Things for IoT data harvesting


Orchestrate infrastructure uniformly from your browser


Revive mission critical systems with modern enhancements

Augment New or Existing Infrastructure

Open Ecosystem

Marketplace for Any Use Case


Browse the Marketplace for solutions to common use cases

Open Source

Contribute custom Marketplace items specific to your use case


Extend Netzo via Marketplace items tailored to your use-case


Share the work with an ever-growing developer community

Marketplace for Any Use Case
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