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Consolidate IoT devices, platforms and services into a single platform and unlock their collective potential. Embrace open standards , gain flexibility and future-proof your IoT.

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    What is the Web of Things ?

    The Web of Things (WoT) is a set of official standards to solve the interoperability issues affecting the Internet of Things (IoT) across platforms and application domains. Interoperability allows for different IoT devices, solutions and vendors to seamlessly integrate and unlock their full collective potential.

    What is the Netzo WoT Platform ?

    The Netzo WoT Platform brings IoT technologies together and empowers anyone to build cutting-edge solutions from a single place. Built with flexibility in mind, Netzo makes it easy for users and businesses to jump-start and future-proof their digital transformation.

    Core benefits over conventional IoT platforms

    Plug and Play
    Create things from scratch, pre-existing models or import them from popular IoT platforms. Get started in minutes, not weeks or months.
    No Vendor Lock-In
    Built on open standards to provide the flexibility and interoperability to future-proof your efforts and investments.
    Everything you need, bundled into a single web application. Harvest value from your IoT investments directly from your web browser.
    A WoT URL endpoint for each Thing. Connect any software, application or service through a secure API managed entirely within Netzo.
    Low-Code WoT
    Easy IoT at the hands of web developers. Unlock access to the IoT through simple web technologies that streamline development.
    Community Driven
    An open platform extendable via an ecosystem of plugins to tailor any use case, distributed in a marketplace of ready-made solutions.

    Unprecedented use cases made simple

    Automation Enablement

    Automation Enablement
    Enable cross-solution automation with minimal overhead.

    Cross-platform IoT Tenancy

    Cross-platform IoT Tenancy
    Cross-integrate IoT systems into a single interface to enhance observability.

    Product Augmentation

    Product Augmentation
    Augment products with real-time web UIs and provide greater value to their users.


    Dive into the Products-as-a-Service movement without worrying about maintaining your own servers.

    Plugin Development

    Plugin Development
    Develop and share custom-made plugins in the Netzo marketplace for easier distribution and exposure.

    Data Commercialization

    Data Commercialization
    Utilize the value of your data to the last penny and monetize by making it available to interested parties.

    Supply Chain Integration

    Supply Chain Integration
    Grant controlled access of IoT data and control to partners for a smart and transparent cooperation.

    IoT Data Analytics

    IoT Data Analytics
    Self-service, intuitive IoT data analytics in the hands of decision-makers

    Proof of Concept

    Proof of Concept
    Bootstrap scalable IoT projects without locking into specific vendors or technologies.

    Why Netzo?

    Single Source of Truth

    A solid foundation to consolidate your assets

    The IoT ecosystem is highly heterogeneous making development of IoT solutions costly, time-consuming and complex. Netzo brings your IoT investments together to cut the cost, time and effort required to unlock their collective potential.

    A Netzo WoT Platfrom Dashboard connecting IoT assets across the world into a single interface.
    Multiple IoT assets across industries and use-cases being streamlined into a single interface for monitoring and control with Netzo.

    IoT Technology Agnostic

    Embrace and complement existing IoT systems

    Integrate new and existing IoT systems despite their underlying technologies. Netzo builds on open standards and solves the interoperability issue of traditional IoT, providing you the flexibility required to future-proof your IoT efforts.

    Application Enablement Platform

    Build custom applications that fit your needs

    Empower anyone, from the office to the field, to build game-changing solutions across application domains. Accelerate innovation and development cycles and get even more value out of your investments.

    The Netzo Web of Things application enablement platform brings drag-and-drop and low-code functionality to create value insights faster..
    Netzo simplifies the development of IoT applications and enables to interact with field devices with rare communication protocols via common web languages at everyone's hand.

    Low-Code Development

    Easy IoT at the hands of web developers

    Netzo simplifies solutions development through WoT standards and enables sharing them through its open plugin ecosystem and marketplace. Browse ready-made WoT solutions for common use cases or develop your own in no time.

    Billions of IoT devices waiting to be connected...

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