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Open-source framework for building, deploying and managing custom business apps like internal tools, dashboards, admin panels and automated workflows fast and at scale.

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Know Your Customer Dashboard

Get a real-time view of business operations.


Metrics Dashboard

Track and analyze KPIs in real time.


Internal APIs

Integrate all your systems and services.


Send Leads to your CRM

Connect outreach platforms to your CRM.


Custom CRM

Improve customer interaction and retention.


GDPR Data Export Utility

Easily retrieve data from multiple sources.


Developer-first features

Netzo is designed to empower developers and engineering teams.

The ultimate web frameworkBuild using Deno Fresh, a fullstack web framework designed to build server side apps with speed, reliability, and simplicity.
  • Just-in time rendering
  • Island based architecture
  • Zero runtime overhead
  • No build step
  • Native typescript support
  • Config free
Connect anything with an APIIntegrate effortlessly with systems, databases, services, or any REST API.
Innovate with open sourceUnlock your full potential with transparency and community collaboration
Modern tech stackEscape proprietary technologies and build with open technologies
Develop locally with AIBuild and test your apps like you're already used to, locally
GitHub Copilot
A comprehensive suite of plugins for your appsOut of the box, Netzo provides a comprehensive suite of plugins to make your development process faster and more efficient.


Auto-generated REST-API for application data and resources with built in auth, filtering, pagination, and more.



Plug-and-play authentication mechanism with built-in support for email/password, social providers, and more.



Supercharge development with Netzo's UnoCSS plugin, a utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI styling and development.



Automate repetitive tasks and workflows effortlessly with scheduled executions using built-in support for cron expressions.



Internationalize your application with built-in support for multi-language content and translations.



Simplified development and production environment management with built-in support for environment variables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Netzo? Find answers below or book a call with our team for more details.

Netzo combines an open-source framework for creating custom business apps with a cloud platform for easy deployment and management. It simplifies building apps and managing their lifecycle.

Yes, some development knowledge (JavaScript/Typescript) is necessary. However, Netzo streamlines app development to minimize complexity. If you have no developers in-house, you can always use Netzo and hire a freelancer or agency to build your app. In such a case, Netzo helps you mitigate dependency risks by providing a standard way to build giving you all the tools you need manage your app.

By providing common app features—like authentication, data storage, UI components—out of the box, Netzo lets developers focus on the unique aspects of their apps, speeding up the development process.

Development time varies based on the app's complexity and the developer's expertise. Simple apps might take a few hours, while more complex ones could take days to weeks.

Yes, the Netzo framework is open-source, hosted on GitHub for transparency and to avoid vendor lock-in. This ensures flexibility in app development and deployment.

Absolutely. Netzo supports most popular JavaScript libraries, allowing integration of any npm package or Node.js-compatible library.

With a scalable serverless architecture, Netzo ensures your apps perform well under any load. It dynamically adjusts resources for each project, supporting growth and maintaining efficiency.

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