Fair Use Policy

Guidelines for responsible use of our platform.

Last updated: 05.02.2024

At Netzo, we utilize the Deno infrastructure internally, and our fair use policy aligns with that of Deno. The following guidelines are extracted from the Deno acceptable use policy for your convenience:

Fair Use Examples

Here are examples of acceptable and unacceptable use cases when utilizing our services and infrastructure:

Acceptable Use

Use CaseDescription
✅ Server-side rendered websitesBuilding websites that render content on the server.
✅ Jamstack sites and applicationsCreating Jamstack-based websites and applications.
✅ Single-page applicationsDeveloping single-page applications for various purposes.
✅ APIs that query a database or external APIBuilding APIs that interact with databases or external APIs.
✅ Company websitesDeveloping websites for businesses and organizations.
✅ E-commerce websitesCreating e-commerce websites for online retail.

Unacceptable Use

Use CaseDescription
❌ Cryptocurrency miningUsage involving cryptocurrency mining operations.
❌ Highly CPU-intensive loadsApplications with extreme CPU-intensive operations, such as machine learning.
❌ Hosting media for external sitesServing media content for external websites.
❌ ScrapersBuilding web scrapers or automated data extraction tools.
❌ Proxy or VPNProviding proxy or VPN services using our infrastructure.

Usage Guidelines

We anticipate that the majority of projects will remain well within our usage limits. In cases where your project's usage significantly deviates from the norm, we will notify you. Our aim is to engage with you before taking any actions to address any undue strain on our infrastructure.